Join Drew and Dorothy as they tackle one of the most asked questions in the health and wellness world in episode 36 of the D&D Morning Show – ‘Where Do You Get Your Protein From?’ Whether you’re a meat-eater, vegetarian, or vegan, protein is an essential nutrient for everyone.

In this informative episode, our health and wellness enthusiasts share insights on the importance of protein, different sources of protein, and how to ensure you’re getting enough to support your health and fitness goals. Drew and Dorothy, with their signature humor and expertise, break down myths and misconceptions surrounding protein intake.

Tune in to discover diverse and delicious sources of protein, from animal-based options to plant-based alternatives, and learn how to create balanced meals that nourish your body. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your wellness journey, this episode offers valuable information that will leave you feeling empowered and informed.

Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and more to start your day with the D&D Morning Show’s wisdom and wit. Don’t miss out on this protein-packed discussion that will help you make informed choices about your diet.

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