Stop Dabbling and Start Committing: The Key to Achieving Lasting Results

It seems quite often someone reaches out to me for help and this is what it sounds like. I’m looking for help with X, are you able to help with this?

It’s very hard to figure out if we can help without asking questions. So I start asking questions and I soon find out this person currently went to a naturopath, they are on medication from their dr., they’ve received advice from their chiro, or physio or more.

In my opinion information isn’t an issue. Implementation is. We don’t have a lack of information in this world. Like never before in human history has it been easier to click and button and find out information. And here lies the problem, there’s too much information. And from what I see, lack of implementation.

As our conversation goes on, I hear they’ve tried some medication hasn’t exactly worked. They’ve tried physio exercises but not for very long, and then there was allergy testing or elimination diets but nothing really to stick with or nothing tired long term.

There’s nothing wrong with going to different experts and listening to different opinions and philosophies. But at some point, you have to take action and stick with it.

One top of that, we see a lot of people that are half interested, one foot in and one out. They don’t exactly want to try something different, they just want to know what different options are.

By not putting that advice into action, or trying it for an extended period of time, nothing will work. So here is my suggestion that I often tell people who reach out to me in this situation.

I suggest trying One Thing, sticking with it for a good period of time (and that’s not 6 weeks). Go all in, trust the process and believe that it can work for you if you put in the effort. And if that doesn’t work, that’s when you try something else.

The craziest part is, we’ve heard from people that have found success, even within our program. The process is working wonderfully, and still they jump off and want to try something new.

And that’s a habit, jumping from one thing to the next without giving it much thought. Or looking for something cheaper, quicker, a new shiny object because friends, family or celebrities are doing it. Instead of sticking with what’s working. Instead of pushing through what might seem boring.

So if you find something that works, for the love of everything good in this world, stick with it! Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.

And if you’ve given something an honest try, if you’ve jumped in with two feet and put in the effort it takes anything to work, and you don’t see results, then try something else. And that goes for every expert, every practitioner, each different philosophy or recommendation. And yes of course, some work together.

But I often find my advice is completely different than someone else’s which only confuses the client. They say, ‘well so and so said this’. And I say, ‘did you try it’. And they say, ‘yes but it didn’t work’. And I say, ‘are you ready to try something different’, OR ‘how long did you try it for before you deemed it didn’t work’?

I could go on, but I digress.

Find something, stick with it! Instead of dabbling here and there and never committing to anything. That’s if you want to see results of course. In my opinion, that’s the only way to see results.

If you’re stuck on the fence and are ready to commit to a program that can show you lasting sustainable results, comment below I’M READY and let’s get it rockin!

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