New Product Launch!

New Product Launch!

Hey Team! We have a new product launch!

Why is it beneficial for you to be there?

A. Each time we see you in a live, we mention your name and that you are a brand partner and have products to purchase, along with where you are located. The more you’re seen and mentioned the more people will trust and buy from you.

B. The more you join live shows (or watch replays) the more you learn about products and are more easily able to recommend and explain products to your customers.

Why is it a good idea to post / let your customers know that we have a product launch?

A. The more new, interesting and exciting launches we put together, the more customers we build. If your clients/potential customers don’t know about them, they’re missing out.

B. We always giveaway prizes during our lives. We’ve found from past experience we can build loyatly and even find new customers that are more likely to come back after they win a prize.

If you invite your customers and potential customers there’s a better chance you’ll be able to increase your customer base or better retain current customers in the future.

C. Let your customers get to know us. We’re real people, personable and we care about each and every customer we have. We show that well in each live that we’ve been doing for years. I feel like there’s a better chance of creating customers if they know the people behind products.

How can you invite customers or potential customers?

There are many different ways you can invite customers or potential customers depending on who they are and what relationship you have with them.

A. Consider putting up a post on your social media page and or story.

B. Send a text message that could be as simple as:

Hi ! In case you didn’t see I wanted to let you know True Form will be launching a new product this coming _ . They’re always fun, and they often offer discounts, packages and even prizes for those that attend. If you’re available you should come, we’d love to have you there! Here is the link to attend _ .

B. Send an email, similar to the message above.

C. Send a social media message.

*personally I would customize each message for each person but that’s up to you.

We hope that helps invite your people to our launch and that you can gain some new customers and clients.

Have a great day!