My first run was at the end of Jan 2015 when my wife convinced me to run a half marathon. I ran just about 30 miles in Feb and ran my first half in May 2015. That was it for my running for 2015. Mid 2016 I joined SBRC and really started my running career.

Now, to the “why I started running”. In short – I was sexually abused when I was younger and since a young age I turned to drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. Life sucked! I got married and had kids, which in my mind should fix my problems, but it did not! In 2015-2016, I started working on getting better and needed a healthy activity.

When I met SBRC, I knew this is it! I knew that I wanted to become a runner. Running and SBRC changed my life! I’m a better person, husband, dad, and I love living! It took lots of hard work to get to this point and I tried many times but no successes! I am proud to say that I am now sober for 9 months! I wouldn’t be able to do this without my Wife, family, Coach Mark, and SBRC.

I live in Redondo Beach. My wife and I have been married for 8 years, we have two little boys, and we’re expecting another child in Jan. I am 30 years old. I was born in Miami, moved and lived in Israel from the age of 6-18, and came to the South Bay when I was 18. I work for a company called Swagbucks, where people can earn free gift cards for shopping online, watching videos, taking surveys, and Discover deals. I love hanging out with friends and family. I like bowling and most sports.

What’s the running accomplishment of which you are proudest?
I ran a 4:52 mile in 2017, and 2:59:18 marathon.

What are your current running goals?
Run a 4:30 mile for my one year of sobriety in December. Run a 2:50 marathon and run Boston in 2021. Dream goal – 4:30 mile and 2:30 marathon in my lifetime.

Favorite running quotes?
“Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever” and “when it hurts the most, press the hardest”

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