Thanksgiving weekend is upon us and I can’t help but be grateful. But it’s hard not to think about the madness that surrounds seemingly every corner of this earth.

But I’ve made a decision, it’s a conscious one that continues to take work. But I choose to be grateful, I choose to see the light and spread light.

It doesn’t matter what they try to take from us, we still have a choice. They can try to remove us from society, what is now deemed ‘privileges’ that we used to call freedom. They can try to separate us from one another, turn us against one another, they can even try to tear us apart from family and our closest friends. But we still have a choice.

I choose to see friends and family at this time. I choose to hug them, love them and spend time with them.

I choose to be grateful for what we have, that’s my mindset and I certainly choose if I let them take that too, or not.

Imagine a governing body preventing family from being family. From spending the most precious thing we could all have together…which is time.

Imagine people listening to this madness, locking themselves in their homes refusing to see those they love the most because the tv told them to do so. It’s a hard reality that we live in.

But I have to believe we still have a choice. We always have a choice. There will come a time when we realize the only thing that really matters is time. Time spent with loved ones, time spent following your passion, time doing real work that gives back to your communities and to the world.

And imagine someone or something trying to take that time away from you, from us. Imagine the same farce not force, telling a mother to stay away from their children as infants, now imagine them saying to do the same as adults.

You have a choice, as we all do. You can choose to spend the precious time we have left with loved ones during special times like this. You can choose to follow mandates regardless of how ridiculous, you can distance, hide and listen ‘because you’re supposed to’.

Or live life as we should, as a free society does. I know what I choose, and I hope you choose the same.