The Bigger the Business

It seems like the bigger the business the less quality customer service is offered. Which is backwards if you ask me. If you have a bigger business you likely bring in more money, which means you should have more money allocated to customer service representatives, training, etc.

But you really only find that customer service with small businesses, which I appreciate more than anything other than quality. I mean if you have a small business each customer means something to you, more than we could say.

If you have a huge business or large corporation, let’s be real, one customer isn’t going to make or break you. It’s all about volume, get as many in the door and out as possible so you can get the next sale.

I support local whenever possible, but we all know at times there’s no other choice than to buy from a box store. But still, it would be nice if more than a couple would care just a little to offer more customer service and show they care about you.

If they showed just an ounce of appreciation for my business I wouldn’t cringe each time they were the only place I could find what I was looking for.

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