The Hidden Truth: Dandelions, Chemicals, and the Decline of Nature's Beauty

Remember when we were amazed by the beauty of dandelions? Remember when we picked a bouquet and gave them to Mom or grandma? Remember when we turned them into a crayon and colored the sidewalk with them?

This is a tough one for me to write about because it seems like no one wants to hear it. We want our perfect lawns without ‘weeds’ and we don’t want to consider what harm it may be causing.

Walking through the college wetlands, an area that is supposed to be (at least from my clearly limited understanding) a natural ecosystem for nature to flourish…

I see this person in a full on hazmat suit, with a mask and gloves. I gotta say, that image certainly doesn’t offer comfort to walk my 1yr old in the area.

But this isn’t a one off, the Neighbour behind me sprays, as does the one beside me. In fact it’s more common to spray chemicals than not.

The entire bee population is at risk. The human population as a whole likely has never been more unhealthy.

We spray chemicals in public areas, parks where kids play and this has become our ‘Normal’. And only the odd balls like myself think something is wrong with this picture?

We don’t think these chemicals have anything to do with a rapidly declining bee population, we don’t think our kids health is at risk, and how about our own?

We don’t consider the poison we spray into the air and ground will eventually make it underground into our water system?

And finally how often do we consider who made dandelions an Evil weed when in fact it’s a healing herb with unlimited health benefits!

Possibly a billion dollar chemical company (that is very likely owned by a pharmaceutical company) that pays to put commercials on the TV and News talking about how to get rid of these viscous weeds that pollute our environment. Get it? The more chemicals sprayed the more pharmaceuticals needed = More Money for them. But that’s far too much of a stretch for our brains to comprehend.

Seems a bit backwards to me. But by all means, say nothing, do nothing. Don’t comment on this post, don’t share it, don’t stop spraying, if we pretend nothing is happening it’ll all go away right? Because that usually solves problems…

The Hidden Truth: Dandelions, Chemicals, and the Decline of Nature's Beauty

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