Oil Pulling: A Natural Detox and Dental Solution for Sensitive Teeth and Citrus Sores

Oil pulling in particular is known for detoxing the body. It’s great for whitening teeth, and bad breath.

For me personally, I’ve noticed that since I started oil pulling, my sensitive teeth have pretty much disappeared.

And then something else that I do in particular is if I get what I call citrus sores. I don’t know exactly what they’re called but if I eat too much fruit for example, I get these little bumps on my tongue, I’ll go straight to oil pulling.

I try to oil pull just about every day. If I was to be honest with myself and you, I probably oil pull three times a week. It really depends on how often you oil pull for the duration that you should pull.

So if you’re only doing it once a week, you would oil pull for a longer amount of time than you would for if you’re doing it every day or every other day.

They recommend about 15 to 20 minutes. It seems like a long time so I try to oil pull for at least five minutes every day or every other day.

It seems to work for me and I hope that it helps for you too!

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