Time isn’t relevant at all

Time is a funny thing. It’s relevant one might say. It’s almost comical listening to college students talk about time.

Many college students don’t have a job when they’re in school, less college athletes have jobs. Very few have family responsibilities, meaning a spouse or children and the good majority of them go to class 3-4 hrs a day.

Let’s pick on College Athletes because I was one. We/they went/go to school for a few hours a day, practice for an hour or two, might study for an hour and maybe even hit the weight room for an hour. Let’s say that’s about 5-6 hours of things that have to be or should be done.

If you ask me 3 hours of classes isn’t exactly preparing them for a full time job but that’s for another subject. Sure there are other things to do but if you think about it 6 hours a day of ‘work’ or obligation isn’t much.

Time isn't relevant at all

If you compare this to an adult, most work 8 hours, then of course many take work home with them, so that’s another hour or two. And then if you want to add kids to the mix, take away all other spare time ;).

Back to college students now, if you ask them or listen to them talk they are SO STRESSED out from all the things they have to do. And of course there is studying and exams and competition but really, maybe 3 hours of school and a couple more hours of studying doesn’t compare to being an adult with a full time job (then include family obligations).

But they’ll never miss a party ‘everyone’ is going to, Thur or Fri night at the bar isn’t a question, and spending hours on the newest social media platform is a must (not to mention video games and napping ;)).

My goal here isn’t to pick up College Students or Athletes but to compare how time really doesn’t matter regardless of what situation you’re in.

So let’s take an adult that’s an employee lets say and compare them to a small business owner. If you’re running your own business you NEVER leave work, you don’t exactly get a pay cheque, in fact many times you don’t know when or if you’ll get paid.

There’s always a new project to work on, a product launch, marketing, promotion, books/paperwork and then managing employees. Which doesn’t mean one is more important just that each little task takes up more time.

If you look at both cases here, for the most part both have time for social media, both are able to go to a concert once in awhile, both are usually able to find time to spend with friends (or do other things they actually want to do).

If we took this a step further we could compare a small business owner to a CEO of a major corporation but I think you get the idea.

My point here is, time is relevant regardless of what situation you’re in. Some students workout more than others, some college athletes spend extra time on their craft, others don’t.

Parents, business owners, all the same. Some make time, others don’t. If you find time, or rather make time to workout, then you’ll make time to workout. If you can make time to meal plan, get your lunch ready and plan what’s for dinner, then you’ll make time.

Regardless of what situation we’re in, we find time for the things we want to do, the things we’d rather do and push aside things we don’t.

At the end of the day, I’d imagine on some level we can all understand time isn’t relevant at all, it’s irrelevant and swayed in the direction of only what we think we have time for. 

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