So I guess Amazon Prime day just passed, I don’t even know what that is. I saw some emails come though and a few people posting or talking about it. I guess if you spend money you save money??? Never really understand that concept. If you’re spending money, you’re still spending money…

At any rate, I saw some entrepreneurs telling their customers to buy their products from Amazon especially on ‘this day’, and I thought to myself, I wonder if or how long we’ll be able to sell our products or run a business without selling them there?

We promote local as much as possible, so it’s almost a moral dilemma to say, ‘support local, but get our products from Amazon’. It’s clear the greater majority would prefer convenience and price (free shipping to your door) over supporting local business.

And I don’t say that to offend, I say it factually. When a company changes the way a civilization (at least in North America) lives, shops, thinks, etc. you can’t exactly hide the consensus.

I’m not going to sit here and say I’ve never ordered off Amazon or that I won’t in the future but I try to shop local regardless of where I am, whenever possible. At this point besides a few books, we don’t sell our product on Amazon.

But the more people talk about it, the more boxes I see with that smiley face on door steps, the more distribution centres of theirs popping up all over the country, the harder it is to avoid what may be the unavoidable.

One of our goals in business has always been to improve our economy, to offer jobs and giveback to our community, to help feed and cloth those that make our community what it is. Which means the more products we sell the closer we get to this goal.

The more exposure, the better products, the increased customers service….all bring us closer to growing and fulfilling something we’ve been working towards for years.

What would get us closer and faster? Most likely selling on a platform like Amazon. And I’m not completely against the idea or even shopping there. In fact they are very convenient especially if you can’t find something in your local area. No one can argue that. I’ve actually went into businesses and they said, we don’t sell that, check Amazon. Which was a bit troubling to me.

However I believe we’re in a very ominous situation in life. Small chance Taxi cabs have much of a future. Much like Blockbuster Movie Rentals, that industry was changed seemingly overnight. I can’t help but wonder, are malls along with the conventional brick and mortar nearing their end?
The less people that actually stop in a store front to see what’s on the shelves, maybe to touch, to ask questions or have a nice conversation, the less they’ll be an option. Is this the era when that all comes to end end?

For us, we’ll remain close to our beliefs and values as long as possible. We’ll continue to promote local, shop local and be the voice for those small businesses that need it. And we won’t choose to sell on Amazon for now.

But we also understand the customer votes each time they purchase. They vote which products survive, what companies thrive; where to buy products and who will visit your website or send you a message to purchase a product.

And they vote for the alternative, to find a giant conglomerate out of convenience and price being able to find everything in once place, which is ultimately in the hands of those who make the choices of who they’ll support and where they’ll go.

At least for me, I hope you choose local, I hope you take the time to drive, stop in and say hello to a friendly store owner, ask them some questions and thank them for standing strong when it seems like so few can.
Personally, I miss blockbuster, and I know I’ll miss actually going into a store one day too.

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