Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against challenges

Drew and I have been teaching fitness for many years now. We’ve walked beside so many people during their journey and let me tell you, the road isn’t always smooth.

It’s tough to be consistent, it’s not easy showing up day in and day out, it takes hard work to make change happen. There is one KEY component to success that we have seen work time and time again. You might be surprised to hear that the secret ingredient is ….REST!!!

Crazy isn’t it. We resist rest. We see rest as weakness. Why is that? We push ourselves to the MAX. Then we push some more. And we keep pushing harder, stronger, faster.

Don’t confuse rest with not working hard. You MUST push yourself and work harder then ever if you seek change and want results. You must also rest when you get tired because if you don’t you’ll end up quitting. Trust me, we’ve seen this happen many times!!

Recently, I had the opportunity to take a trip to the mountains. I didn’t see it at the time but when I came back I realized how important rest is for the mind.

Our minds are on overdrive, especially at this time with all the CRAZY happening in our world. So many unknowns. So much fear. So much hate. Our minds are constantly fighting to seek positivity and just keep moving forward.

Drew and I have always felt refreshed, inspired, ready to take on new projects and ideas after a trip to the mountains but this time I learned in the most challenging times how important it is to give our mind a break. Clear out the garbage and return to calm and stillness.

I’m not saying you need to go on a trip to the mountains to still your mind, I am just saying it’s important to take a moment, breathe and calm your mind.

It’s amazing how we see things differently when we take a time-out. It’s interesting how our daily challenges seem to be less momentous and we have a new energy to take on anything.

Be kind not only to your physical body but take good care of your mind as well because when challenges arise you’ll be able to take them on like a warrior!!

-written by Dorothy

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