True Form Product Codes

Hey Team, 

Just a quick note regarding the referral code that some of you requested and have received.

That referral code is exactly what it sounds like, it’s meant for you to send to friends, family and possibly customers. It’s not meant to be used by you (or the person we created it for). We want to be clear on that so there’s no confusion moving forward.

Our goal is to reward you for referring a friend to purchase our products. If they use your discount code they get 10% off, and you’ll be credited that same 10% to your account that can be used on your next order. This is not a one time use, your friend or family can use it unlimited times, and you can send it to as many people as you want. The more people that order using your code, the more you’ll get back in return.

Using the code for yourself isn’t exactly what the ‘referral code’ is set up for. Each month we have a feature, package or special that you’re welcome to take advantage of. 

Referral Codes

And we’re also going to put more effort into putting sales and discounts in our newsletters for those that are subscribed there. So you can stay tuned for that. Like this week we are offering a free shipping code for a limited time (as long as you receive the newsletter).

The other option to get a better discount for yourself or for friends and family is to receive wholesale pricing. In this case you would need to put in a min order per unit. For example you would get wholesale pricing if you ordered 12 units of liquid mag, 6 units of bath flakes, etc. If you want more details on this please let me know.

So we have lots of options for you to get discounts and even free products. Like our monthly draw if you post your order in any of our FB groups. 

Not only do we pride ourselves in bringing quality products at a fair price to our people but it’s also important for us to provide information, support and find other ways to reward and thank your people for being so amazing in recommending our products.

Thank you all for all you do for us!