True Form’s Activated Charcoal vs Leading Health Food Store Brand

I thought it might be fun to compare the leading health food store’s brand of Activated Charcoal and ours. Honestly it was astounding when I called health food store after health food store and every single one of them that carried activated charcoal carried this particular brand.

When I broke it down, I think you’ll notice we offer much more value, for a much better price.

First of all our product is sourced from Organic Coconut, theirs from Wood. This one alone seems like a no brainer.

Our serving size of 600mg almost doubles theirs at 260mg.

Their price, an average of almost $40 depending on the store’s location is more than ours at $34. Keep in mind we are offering double the amount of Mg per servings. AND….

Our product contains 210 capsules. This comparison here shows they only have 100 caps in their bottles. In fact I haven’t found any others that offer 210 caps. Most others 60 – 120 caps per bottle.

Honestly I have no idea why this particular company or brand seems to have a strangle hold on the local health food stores. As you can tell from our comparison you get much more bang for your buck with our brand and that’s not even considering the quality or where it’s sourced from.

We take ours every day (Dorothy and I), first thing in the morning, early afternoon and any time we’re going to have the odd alcoholic beverage or a meal that’s hard to digest. And I can tell you first hand it’s made a huge different in digestion in only a few months that we’ve been using it consistently.

Some of our products work instantly for pain for example. This product is different. We consider this more of a long term investment in our health.

Continually detoxing harsh chemicals, hard metals and toxins we don’t even control (ie. pollution) is essential to our overall vitality in the long run. Consider activated charcoal not for a quick fix but for the future of your health and digestive system.

So really, if we followed the market’s price (at least what we found at local health food stores), we could sell ours for closer to $80/bottle. But that’s not our goal, to charge as much as possible. It’s always been and always will be, quality products for a fair price.