We’re Quick to Judge Aren’t We

We’re quick to judge aren’t we

We’re quick to judge aren’t we, we’re also quick to make assumptions. At least I am.

Recently I had an appointment scheduled, a rather important one and I didn’t hear from the person. So I thought maybe they were blowing me off, maybe they forgot, maybe they didn’t consider it all that important. Which of course didn’t make me happy.

Not long after I found out there was a family emergency and the appointment wasn’t possible or at least, certainly at that time, not a priority, which was clearly understandable.

On the flip side of the coin, not too long ago I was late for an appointment. When I finally showed up 15 mins late the person I was meeting was clearly shook up, frustrated, maybe even angry. I’m sure they had the same thoughts I did.

What happened was, I was driving through an intersection where an accident recently happened. Two ladies were standing in the middle of the road not knowing what to do, as cars continued to drive by.

So I got out, encouraged them to pull their cars to the side of the road and gave one my phone to use to call the police since she didn’t have one of her own.

I’d say at least for the majority of us, if we could work on one thing to improve ourselves it would be to work towards pushing assumptions aside and judging just a little less.

We don’t know what a person went through in their life or in their day to make them the way they are. We don’t know what recently happened so at least until we know their situation, try to accept things the way they are.

And who knows, maybe even after we know….we still don’t judge a person by their past.