Our Complete Truth Protein Apple Cinnamon Smoothie taste like apple pie. We kid you not!!! It’s so flavourful and delicious. There is just something so comforting about the combination of apple and cinnamon.

There is a reason beyond tasting good that we put this Apple Cinnamon Smoothie together. Cinnamon has some amazing health benefits that often go unnoticed.

Cinnamon usually doesn’t get the praise it deserves. A lot of times it gets pushed to the back of the baking cupboard and is used only a few times a year in baking. Well we are here to tell you how amazing it is.

Three reasons why consuming cinnamon on a regular basis is great for your health…

1) It’s full of anti-oxidants that can help protect our bodies from damage caused by free radicals.

2) It contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help fight infection in our bodies

3) It helps boost our metabolism which can increase our bodies ability to burn body fat

Apple Cinnamon Smoothie Ingredients

8-12 oz Almond Milk

2-3 Tbsp Complete Truth ProteinĀ 

1/2 apple

1 banana (frozen is best)

1 date

1-2 tsp. cinnamon

Blending up your Apple Cinnamon Smoothie

Place all ingredients in the blender, blast and enjoy!

If you prefer a cold smoothie, be sure to use a frozen banana or add 4-6 ice cubes.

Using a frozen banana makes your smoothie creamier and using ice cubes will make it thinner.

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