At Home 10 Day Fitness Challenge

at home 10 day fitness challenge
Since so many people are stuck at home, we thought it might be fun to kick off a 10 Day at Home Fitness Challenge! We'll provide the workouts and motivation, you show up ready to go! These workouts are done at home on your own time, which means you can do them at any time of day. You don't have to be anywhere at any time - this challenge is 100% online. We'll mix in a live workout or two, we'll have HIIT workouts, recorded workouts, challenges for time, recovery days and tips to help you ...
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Fall Online Fitness Challenge (10 Days)

We could all use a little motivation with the summer over and the fall upon us, and now that the madness of the Back to School rush is over, we can settle in and do a few things for ourselves. Let's keep this blog post short and simple, so we can spend more time working on your program for the 10 days. Is there a cost? Yes, but it's minimal. $10 for the ENTIRE ten days! That's right, your health is worth $10. Spending $1/day on a your fitness should be more than reasonable. The other rea...
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