TTR #20: Setting Goals for Success

Setting Goals for Success
In this show Dorothy interviews Drew Taddia, on how to find success. How he was able to start a radio show, create podcasts and be part of a running community. In this show they talk about setting goals, creating a plan and living inspired. Follow along to learn how you can set and achieve goals yourself!
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Achieve a Toxic Free Home with THIEVES!

Drew and I believe that Thieves is the BEST way to achieve a clean, non-toxic household. You can trust that Thieves products are created with all natural, plant-based ingredients. You’ll achieve a deep clean without polluting your home with nasty chemicals and exposing your family and pets to toxins.   Thieves takes care of it all: kitchen counters, ovens, toilets, mirrors, windows, floors, teeth, hands, clothes and more...  Where our THIEVES Journey Began For years, Drew and I research...
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If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you

I bought this onezie over a year ago with the intention of overcoming my fear of open water swimming. You see I LOVE the beach, the sand, the sun, the water up to my ankles or knees BUT going full on in the ocean is a different story. There's seaweed, water friends and SHARKS!! AHHH!!! I do have a dream of competing in triathlons. I have completed one but it was a pool swim so not sure that really counts haha SO....back to the onezie. I bought it last Spring with the intention that...
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