Reusing shipping supplies for Magnesium

I thought this was worth sharing. Given that we're environmentally conscious and try to save not just money on shipping but the environment whenever we can.   It's not only the cost of shipping but it's the cost of materials like boxes, packing tape, 'peanuts' and broken bottles that we have to consider into shipping costs. We have to do everything we can to package our Magnesium in glass bottles accordingly so they don't break.   We needed some extra materials for our late...
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Purchasing a Good Quality Magnesium Supplement

Good quality supplements
What makes True Form's Magnesium more expensive than other Magnesium products?   #1. Let's start off with the environment. We choose glass bottles to reduce plastic. Some people don't care about this but we do. Which is why we choose glass bottles.   Glass bottles are more expensive (to purchase and to ship) and we've had quite a few issues with them breaking during shipping, which means our costs go up.   We could use cheap plastic like many other companies which means o...
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The Cost of Shipping

On my way to the mail box to drop off a letter, I’m slowly approaching and was startled by a loud BANG! I look over to my right and there is a delivery truck loading boxes. I said to myself, surely that can’t be coming from inside. I walk over to the back, and sure enough, it was from the truck. Only a few moments later I see the driver literally throwing boxes from the concrete parking lot into the back of his truck. I stood there in misbelief. I’m not sure if I looked lost, shocked or bo...
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